307 people have been diagnosed over the past day as being vaccinated against the corona virus. For the first time since April, the number of people infected has crossed the 300 per day threshold. Will the government soon announce the return of the green mark and the purple mark? Dr. Erez Birenbaum, director of the Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital, expressed his opinion on the increase in morbidity, in an interview with Anat Davidov on the program “Where is the money” on 103FM radio, and claimed that the main problem is at Ben Gurion Airport: “The main story here is related to enforcement.

Dr. Birnbaum referred to the sharp rise in morbidity, which has been recorded in recent days, during which vaccinated people were also infected. The senior doctor tried to convey a reassuring message: “I would like to mention that according to the information we have, Pfizer’s vaccine is effective in 90% of cases. Immunized. ”

The medical man also referred to the fact that a significant proportion of the new infected are vaccinated people. According to him, this is related to the entry of the Indian variant into Israel: “When there is a new and very contagious mutation – it is clear that more vaccinated will be infected than not vaccinated. It is also clear that it bothers us, but it only sharpens the need for all of us.”

Along with the many cases of infection recorded in several localities in the country, the serious morbidity is still low, although it is also on the rise. Dr. Birnbaum commented that an increase in serious illness is a reasonable scenario, but he predicts that this time it will not be high numbers, as in the past, that will burden the health system: “We will still see a significant increase in critically ill patients, but not as we saw in previous waves.” He further explained that there are still Rabin Israelis over the age of 18 who have not yet been vaccinated.

The director of Assuta Hospital said that a significant proportion of those infected in recent days are elderly people over the age of 60. According to him, it is inevitable to wear masks. He further noted that the government will have to close the loophole at the airport to stop the entry of variants into Israel. “Today it’s the Delta variant, but tomorrow there could be other mutations. I estimate that if the numbers continue to be in the 300 range, then we’ll have to go back and check a green sign at the entrance everywhere. I think we’ll get there, if not today then in a week.”

Dr. Birnbaum said he expects the struggle in the corona to remain for a long time to come: “Although we have experienced some euphoria, we need to get used to the fact that we will be with the corona for a very long time to come. “It could also be that the corona will return with a few more sub-variants that will be more or less contagious in the next two years. After all, we are not a closed country and once people enter here, anything can happen to us.”

In his remarks, Dr. Birnbaum referred to the vaccination campaign in Israel and the government’s agreements with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Birnbaum said that he sees the Israeli vaccination campaign as a kind of experiment: The third of the vaccine is the State of Israel. I assume that someone is already discussing this in Israel, perhaps in the Ministry of Health. ”

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