Artificial intelligence combined with data can help cure diseases by mapping the immune system, explained the co-founder and CEO of Immunai. Noam Solomon, At the global investment forum of the “Jerusalem Post” and “Holiday Times” held in Dubai.

“We built a database that includes tens of millions of immune system cells along with compatible clinical information, which we collected from thousands of patients. From this database we built a huge immunological map, and we extract therapeutic insights from it through machine learning and artificial intelligence,” Solomon explained.

He said one of the questions that can be answered now is why some patients respond to treatment while others do not. Solomon explained that technology enables the existence of the era of precision medicine, which relies on Big Data of biological and clinical data.

The normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, he said, helped expand the possibilities for cooperation, especially with hospitals and medical centers in the United Arab Emirates.

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“This is a great time to live in. As we grew older, we lived with the peace agreement with Jordan, and waited for the next thing to happen,” said Solomon, who hopes things are “moving in the right direction now” between the Arab world and Israel.

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