Covid penis: This is how the Covid – 19 virus can shrink your penis

An anonymous man in his 30s recently described one of the most stressful side effects Corona has – and claimed his doctor ruled it irreversible: “My self-confidence has taken a heavy hit and I am no longer sure about my abilities in bed”

“Before I contracted corona, I had a larger-than-average penis – now it’s smaller than average”: A man in his fourth decade of life described how the long-term effects of the Covid-19 virus caused his penis to contract by a few inches. In an interview with the podcast How to Do It, hosted by Jessica Stoya and Rich Juzwiak, he described one of the side effects the virus has on men.

“I was a heterosexual man in my 30s and I was infected in Corona last July,” he said. “When I left the hospital I was dealing with impotence, but my condition improved after medication. Despite this, it seems that one side effect still affects me.”

He continued: “My penis has shrunk. It used to be bigger than average, not huge, but big. Since the corona I have lost almost 4 cm (1.8 Inches), probably due to a vascular injury. My doctor told me it was probably irreversible. I know it’s not really supposed to affect me, but I will not lie … My self-confidence has been hit hard and I am no longer sure about my abilities in bed. ”

Covid Dick: Every man’s nightmare

Urology experts explain that genital contraction during severe coronary heart disease is a completely real phenomenon. Although rare, but real. A study conducted at University College London examined 3,400 people infected in the past year and found that out of 200 people who reported “long covid” (i.e., symptoms even after recovering), a small number of men indicated that their genitals had contracted.

Dr. Ashley Winter, a urologist from Portland, USA, said that the phenomenon is actually a complication of the problem of impotence that sometimes occurs due to the corona virus. “Impotence can cause a contraction of the penis,” she noted. “If there is no erection for a long time and the penis does not fill with blood and stretch, it can cause a loss of a few inches in length.”

Dr. Winter added that contraction of this penis most often occurs as a result of impotence caused by medical problems (such as cancer or heart disease), as opposed to impotence caused by a psychological cause (such as performance anxiety or depression). In the case of coronary heart disease, studies indicate Because the virus can damage the blood vessels in the body – and also in the male genitalia, however, it is important to note that this also has solutions to the problem.

Experts explain that there are treatments in which the penile tissue can be stretched and returned to its natural length. One method is a special pump that wears on the penis and causes increased blood flow through a vacuum.

Dr. Winter explains that such rehabilitative treatment can prevent long-term damage to the penis caused as a result of impotence. Beyond that she emphasized: “A person is not defined by the length of his penis. “From my experience in the field I can say with certainty that size does not matter when it comes to orgasm and in most cases, dissatisfaction with sex is due to personal reasons – and not because of the partner’s performance.”

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