The epidemiologist and former chairman of the Association of Public Health Physicians, Professor Hagai Levin, referred this morning (Friday) to the continuing increase in the number of people infected in Corona. We are in the midst of a global epidemic and all the talk that the Corona is behind us has been political and not based on scientific facts. ”

According to the senior doctor, it is not possible to compare the current incident with previous outbreaks that occurred in Israel. Professor Levin explained that since the majority of the population in Israel is vaccinated, no morbidity is expected to be recorded that threatens public health: “It is likely that we will see an increase in the number of patients and patients in the coming weeks and months,

Professor Levin also referred to a figure according to which almost half of those infected in recent days are vaccinated: “The vaccine is not 100 percent effective,” he stated. He added that “clearly mathematically, once most adults are vaccinated, so will most patients who appear to be vaccinated. The rates need to be calculated in an epidemiologically accurate way, and when you do that you see that the vaccine in Israel and other countries still protects well.”

The senior epidemiologist said that at this stage there is no evidence that the immunity of the public in Israel has decreased. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility that in the future the vaccine would be less effective in its fight against the virus: “We may see over time new variants that challenge the vaccine or a decline in immunity along the timeline.”

As for the return of the green mark in the coming days, Professor Levin said that in the current situation he does not see any justification. According to him, an increase in morbidity should be considered and not an increase in the number of verified. He added that it is not certain that the existence of a green sign is currently applicable in Israel: “We do not want a sign that is a dead letter. Is this really something true and justified that will save lives? It is difficult for me to see the justification for this at the moment.”

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