A study found: the multivitamin that improves memory and slows down aging

A study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” found that taking a multivitamin on a daily basis can lead to maintaining a sharp memory in old age and slowing down dementia.

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In a study that examined over 3,500 people over the age of 60 and tried to find out how food supplements affected brain power, the researchers found that the vitamins reduced the rate of cognitive decline that can lead to disease in older adults.

The researchers said the “remarkable” results could make it possible to easily reduce the normal effects of aging on the brain.

Dr. Adam Brickman of Columbia University said: “Most adults are concerned about changes in memory that occur with aging. Our research suggests that multivitamin supplementation may be a simple and inexpensive way for older adults to slow memory loss.”

The study noted that 900,000 Britons suffer from dementia today, and experts predict that the numbers will increase to more than a million by 2025.

Previous studies conducted on the subject did not yield unequivocal conclusions, therefore the latest study examined a larger number of participants in order to reach an unequivocal conclusion.

Participants were given a “Centrum Silver” multivitamin daily for three years and had memory tests every year to see how the vitamin affected them.

The study revealed that those who took the multivitamin successfully passed the tests after the first year.

It also emerged from the data that in people with a history of cardiovascular diseases they saw a certain improvement after taking the vitamin.

The researchers claimed that the reason for this is probably the diet they are forced to follow, when the multivitamin actually makes up for the deficiency in terms of essential nutrients.

Dr. Joanne Manson of Brigham and Women’s Hospital said: “The findings that a daily multivitamin improved memory and slowed cognitive decline are remarkable. Multivitamin supplements are a safe and affordable way to protect cognitive health in adults.”

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