Corona strains precede vaccines

While wealthy countries where vaccination campaigns have progressed more effectively are starting to target children and adolescents, experts warn of the dangerous consequences of a lack of concern for poor countries where vaccines are scarce and the adult population has not yet been fully vaccinated.


According to the chairman of the World Health Organization, Dr. Countries with better economic capacity, which have succeeded in vaccinating the majority of the population (such as Israel), are considering vaccinating children, but according to experts, this decision could delay the global vaccination campaign and allow the virus to mutate further, leading to more deadly corona virus strains. .

As long as there are groups in the population that are not vaccinated, people may be infected with the virus and as long as it resides in the human body, it has the option to develop mutations. Thus, as long as there are countries where many sections of the population have not yet been vaccinated, the corona virus will continue to pose a global threat.

A new variant may appear that will be difficult to deal with

Gabrisus recently noted that vaccine sharing between rich and poor countries has so far been too limited for “strains to precede vaccines.” In other words, if we do not invest more in providing aid to poor countries, new strains of the corona virus will develop at a faster rate than the vaccination campaign and this could endanger many people. Currently, the Delta strain, first identified in India, is present in at least 98 countries in the world.

Sarah Gilbert of Oxford University, who was part of the team that developed the Oxford and Astraznica vaccines, called for caution when it comes to UK vaccines. “We have to balance what we think about vaccinating children in high-income countries – with vaccinations in the rest of the world, because we need to stop the spread of the virus globally,” Gilbert said in an interview with the Observer.

“We are not out of danger yet. And that is why I am very concerned about the spread of vaccines in the rest of the world, as we need to stop the infection and the development of the virus. This could lead to the emergence of a new variant that will be very difficult to deal with,” she added.

Gabrisus said world leaders must ensure that at least 10 percent of people in all countries of the world are vaccinated by the end of September so that vulnerable populations and medical staff are protected. “The delta strain is dangerous and it continues to evolve and mutate,” Gabrisus added. “The Delta strain is found in at least 98 countries and is spreading rapidly in countries with both low and high immunization rates.”

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