First publication: Hadassah Hospital Director General Prof. Zeev Rothstein was summoned to a pre-dismissal hearing, against the background of the ongoing dispute between him and the hospital’s board and management.

Sources at the hospital said that “it is no big secret that there has been a tension between the board of directors, the wives of Hadassah and Prof. Rothstein for a long time due to his conduct.”

The sources added: “Beyond his extraordinary personality and the conflicts he has created with officials in the Treasury, there is a problem here at the end because we are responsible for the health of about a million people.”

They also say that “there were initiatives that the board learned from the press. I see the hospital’s role in providing the best health services and Rothstein had all sorts of great ideas perhaps for a private entrepreneur, but not at the expense of Hadassah’s public fund, which is supposed to service patients in Jerusalem.” .

“Against this background and against the background of a lot of personal problems that were – such as his inability to work with people in and out of the system – we came to a situation that this is the case, and today we were sent a hearing letter before dismissal,” they added.

It is important to say that the hospital completed a 5-year recovery program at the end of last year. “When it was formulated 5 years ago in a way that cost a lot to the organization and the hospital, the Hadassah women sacrificed a lot. Here we are 5 years later and the hospital is still in insane deficits,” the sources noted.

The Hadassah Board of Directors responded to the publication: “The Hadassah Board of Directors has unanimously decided to summon Prof. Rothstein to a hearing to consider terminating his employment with Hadassah. Hadassah and the well-being of the hundreds of thousands of patients treated there. “

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