AGI – There are 907 Covid cases in Italy in the last 24 hours, an increase compared to the 480 of yesterday (a figure influenced as always by the few post-weekend swabs) and above all of the 679 of last Tuesday: for the fifth day in a row there are more infections compared to the same day of the previous week, confirming that the downward trend, which had lasted for 14 weeks, has begun to reverse. The swabs are 192,424, 118 thousand more than yesterday, so much so that the positivity rate drops slightly to 0.5% (yesterday 0.6%).

The deaths are 24 (yesterday 31), of which 2 are recoveries of the last months of the Umbria Region. The total casualties since the beginning of the epidemic have risen to 127,704.
Hospitalizations are still decreasing, with intensive care units dropping by 4 units (yesterday -6) with 11 admissions per day, and are 187 in all, while ordinary hospitalizations are 66 less (yesterday -27), 1,271 in total. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

The region with the most cases today is Sicily with 144 new positives; followed by Lombardy (+129), Campania (+108), Veneto (+97), Puglia (+60) and Lazio (+58). No new positives in Val d’Aosta and Molise. The total cases thus rise to 4,264,704. The healed are 1,835 (yesterday 1,582), for a total of 4,094,421 since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positives decrease by 952 units (yesterday -1,133), and fall to 42,579 in all, of which 41,121 in home isolation

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