In the shadow of the fear of increased morbidity following the outbreak of the Delta variant in Israel and the Ministry of Health’s warning of a decline in vaccine effectiveness, a new study conducted at Sheba-Tel Hashomer Medical Center, in collaboration with Harvard University, found that corona vaccines not only infect less but also infect less. Findings of the study, published in the journal LANCET REGIONAL HEALTH, Voted that The decrease in infection begins after the first dose and not only after the second. Findings from previous studies have also been reinforced, according to which Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness is 90%.

professor Gili Regev-Yohai, Director of the Infection Prevention and Control Unit at the medical center said the study followed 9,650 Sheba employees. According to her, for three months, from the day they received the first dose, the researchers monitored the effect of the vaccine on the same group: Not vaccinated who have fallen ill and the effectiveness of the vaccine. ”

Professor Regev-Yohai added that the findings of the study showed that the viral load was significantly lower among vaccinated people who became ill compared to those who were not vaccinated. She further noted that “the lower the viral load, the smaller the ability to infect.”

In addition, the findings raised that Out of 4,900 exposure events to Corona, only 150 workers were infected with the virus. It was also found that the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing asymptomatic cases of infection was 83%.. “In a sense, these are the most dangerous cases because they are difficult to identify,” explains Professor Regev-Yohai.

Another finding in the study suggested that Among those vaccinated with two doses, the vaccine was effective at about 90%., As found in previous studies and in accordance with Pfizer’s reports. The study was also led by: Dr. Sharon Amit and Moriah Bergwerk from Sheba Medical Center, Dr. Ilya Novikov and Arnona Ziv from the Gartner Institute and Prof. Mark Lifshitz from Harvard University.

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