AGI – In the next few days we will reach the peak of this second African heat wave. The hottest days will be those of today and tomorrow but there will be strong thunderstorms. The team of the site informs that as regards temperatures, the maximum values ​​in the North will reach 36-37 C in eastern Lombardy, lower Veneto and Emilia (respectively with Mantua, Rovigo, Bologna and Forlì), up to 38 C in the Center (as in the Marche and inland areas of Tuscany, 35 C instead in Rome) and peaks of 41-42 C in the South (as in Foggia, Taranto, Matera, Syracuse and Catania).

All this heat will only give energy to the thunderstorms that will break out tomorrow widespread in the North. Most of the regions north of the Po will be hit by thunderstorms at times very strong and with ruinous hailstorms (such as in Milan, Turin, Lecco) and in rarer cases also tornadoes. Subsequently the high pressure should return stronger, guaranteeing the days of Friday and Saturday mainly sunny.

In detail

Today. In the north: worsens in the Alps with thunderstorms, also possible on the medium / high plains of the Northwest. In the center: sunny and very hot. In the south: lots of sun and African heat.

– Thursday 8. In the north: worsens on all regions north of the Po with very strong thunderstorms. Center: cloudy at times, but very hot. South: sunny with hot weather.

– Friday 9. In the north: mostly sunny. In the center: prevailing sun, less hot. In the south: sunny, still very hot.

– Weekend with prevailing sun and warm, not excessive weather.

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