Given how busy and tiring most of our lives are, you would think that falling asleep would be the last of our problems, but that’s not the case. Quite a few people find that despite their cumulative fatigue and fondness for naps, falling asleep is not such a simple task.

Dr. Luke F. Budua, creator of the MySleepButton sleep app claims that it has a method that can greatly speed up the sleep process and make you gain more valuable sleep time. This is a pretty simple method, based on the logic that to fall asleep, all you have to do is Distract the mind from all those things that are interfering with its release and shutdown.

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“Sleep researchers have found that during sleep, people often experience visual images and ‘micro-dreams.’ Buddha on his site.

His method is called “cognitive shadow” by the Buddha, according to which random objects must be imagined intentionally, in order to prevent the brain from thinking in analytical and verbal directions. In the app he developed, you can listen to instructions that will accompany you step by step through the process, but on his website you can also find instructions for applying the method alone, or with the help of a friend who will sit by the bed and whisper the appropriate words.

That’s how it works

First, one has to get into bed of course. Think of a random and emotionally neutral word with which you can start the exercise, it should include at least 5 letters. An example of a suitable word is ‘earpiece’ because it also consists of different letters that do not repeat themselves. Now, one has to think of neutral words that start with each of the initials of the word. For example: closet, pajamas, legs, ball, sofa, apple.

The human mind (illustration) (Photo: Ing Image)The human mind (illustration) (Photo: Ing Image)

Be sure to choose words that are not loaded with stressful associations (‘snake’, ‘death’, ‘test’, ‘quarrel’ and the like can be waived, for example). If you have reached the end of the word and have not yet fallen asleep, choose a new word and continue with the same method, until you fall asleep. If you ‘get stuck’ and can’t find a word in a certain letter – skip it. Do not linger, and continue to the next letter in line.

The Buddha method has not been peer-reviewed as is customary in the field of scientific research, but there does not appear to be any harm in trying it. And if you have trouble falling asleep, you have nothing to lose by giving her a chance.

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