Meditation practice can help your children sleep better and add an extra hour of sleep to them each night- This emerges from a new study published this week in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, which was conducted over a two-year period among about 100 American students aged 8-11-

The researchers, from Stanford University School of Medicine in California, examined how a curriculum that combines twice a week learning different meditation and mindfulness techniques as well as practicing yoga poses affects children’s sleep quality-

The program, delivered by yoga instructors and teachers at the school, included, among other things, practice bringing the child’s attention to present experiences, as well as practicing slow, deep breathing, while developing tools to relieve stress-

The researchers examined over time the activity of the brain, the rate of respiration and the heart, as well as the oxygen levels in the blood, and found that within only three months from the beginning of the exercise, the children’s sleep improved- It was further found that those who practiced the meditation techniques slept an additional 74 minutes on average more at night than those who did not practice-

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