Clalit HMO employees sat this morning from 7:00 to 15:00. At this stage, it is an eight-hour warning strike, in the hospitals and clinics of Clalit Health Insurance Fund. Between the causes and the strike: Wage update for administration and economy employees.

Last night, the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court allowed Clalit Health Fund employees to strike today. Judge Yafit Mizrahi Levy ruled: “We are under the impression that the existence of a strike will advance the interests of the respondents and may affect the negotiations between the parties.”

In a letter sent to the employees by the chairman of the National Committee of Clalit Health Insurance, Prosper Ben-Hamo, he wrote: “Take advantage of their dedication and mislead the above employees, who are one of the pillars of Clalit Health Services as the world’s leading health organization, on weekdays, and easy and material in times of crisis, as we foresaw during the Corona period.”

Clalit Health Fund (Photo: Flash 90)

The chairman of the committee added: “We will continue to fight for the employees who deserve the supplement, as agreed with the HMO management in 2019. “Today, the court, I am glad that the judge understood our just struggle, for the benefit of the workers who deserve the addition, and allowed us to go on strike, starting tomorrow from 7:00 to 15:00.”

The services that will be provided and those that will not

In hospitalsIn the outpatient services, including clinics, institutes and day hospitals, the striking workers will work in emergency situations. The operating rooms will work as usual. In the inpatient wards the striking workers will work in emergency situations. In the intensive care units the striking workers will work to a limited extent as required. In the departments of preterm infants, mammals, maternity wards, dialysis, oncology, fertility and intensive care units – all staff will work as usual.

In community clinics: The striking workers will work in clinics in an emergency format.

The services that will continue to be provided and those excluded from the strike: home care. Insulin administration. Fertility treatment. Treatment of oncology patients. Centers will operate in an emergency format. Dialysis treatments. Gastro Institute. Day hospitalization units. In addition, tests and corona vaccines will be conducted as usual. The Department of Defense will operate as usual. Urgent treatments, surgeries and imaging – will be excluded from the strike. Localities in the periphery where there is only one Clalit clinic will be excluded from the strike.

In the workers’ organization, we updated that we would update “in accordance with the meetings that will take place in the coming week between the wage commissioner, the chairman of the Histadrut, and the director general of Clalit.”

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