If you suffer from pelvic floor prolapse or difficulty controlling the braces – this method of exercise is for you. It is suitable for both women and men, requires no special effort and will miraculously improve your life. Eyal Sadeh, certified teacher of the Paula method: “When you operate something external – something internal works”

Suffering from weakness in the pelvic floor muscles? Want to strengthen them? Apparently the Paula method is the right method for you. The Paula Method is a unique method based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The method was invented by Paula Garburg, after she contracted a disease that doctors believe would confine her to a wheelchair, and with the help of determination, perseverance and thinking outside the box – she healed herself. In practicing the method, the annular muscles in the body are activated, which are around different openings in the body, and work according to the basic movement of life – contraction and release, opening and closing.

Eyal Sadeh, a certified teacher of the Paula Method, told Paula and Leon about the method: “It is a method of health exercise, which is very pleasant, comfortable and fun,” Sadeh said. “It is especially suitable for women who suffer from pelvic prolapse, such as bladder prolapse or uterine prolapse, as it often comes with difficulty controlling the sphincter. Men also suffer from it, especially men who have had prostate removal surgery – have difficulty controlling the anterior sphincter, the urethral muscle.” .

So, how does it work?
The exercise is knee compression – and release. “When you press the knees, both the muscle of the urethra works and the muscle of the back sphincter will work,” Field said. “When the pelvis goes up, the lower back goes down. It already relieves back pain and all the organs that are inside the pelvis.”

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