The Ministry of Health announced today (Monday) that the HMOs will begin vaccinating the vaccine-suppressed group in the third dose of the vaccine to Corona, which consists of people who have a decrease in the level of immunity due to medical reasons. This decision comes after the Minister of Health announced it yesterday Nitzan Horowitz. The decision of who is considered immunosuppressed is in the hands of the HMOs.

In addition, the Minister of Health announced that the possibility of vaccinating the rest of the population in a third dose is also being examined. In recent days, cases have been diagnosed in which many vaccinated people have become infected with corona. Following this, it was hypothesized that there was a decrease in the antibody level of some of the vaccinated, but no findings have yet been presented.

Meanwhile, HMOs have begun using the modern company’s vaccine inventory for the adult population. The health minister commented on the continuation of the youth vaccination campaign, which depends on Pfizer’s vaccine inventory: “We are trying to bring Pfizer’s vaccine delivery early and we hope there will be an answer in the coming days. So it can continue without a problem,” he told Network B. Minister Horowitz also noted that over 200,000 youths have been vaccinated so far.

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