A medical case considered the first of its kind was recently presented at the European Conference on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. A 90-year-old woman from Belgium contracted two strains of corona virus simultaneously; Alpha strain (“British”) and beta strain (“South African”). The findings of the study on this unique case have not yet been published in a scientific journal.

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The incident took place in March this year and the woman was treated at a hospital near the city of Brussels, according to local media reports. According to the Reuters news agency, it is not clear how she was infected, but the doctors who treated her believe that she was infected by two different people. Although at the beginning of the disease her condition was stable, there was a rapid deterioration in her condition and she died only five days later.

Ann Vankirberghan, a molecular biologist who participated in the case study, noted in an interview that it is difficult to know whether the additional infection contributed to the patient’s rapid deterioration in the patient’s condition. “These two strains were circulating in Belgium at the time, so the woman apparently contracted two viruses from two different people.”

Although no more cases of dual infection have been identified similar to the current case, the researchers believe that this case illustrates that it is possible to be infected with two variants of the corona virus at the same time. They also believe that there may be additional cases of undetected double infections.

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There are four main strains of the corona virus; Alpha strain, beta strain, gamma strain (“Brazilian”) and Delta strain (“Indian”). The latter is becoming dominant in many countries around the world, including the United States, England, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, France and more. Some experts fear that this variant is more contagious, but it has not yet been found if it is more contagious than the Delta variant, which is considered the most contagious variety to date.

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The corona plague is an event that continues to evolve and catch up. The current report is as of Monday (12.07.2021) and more may change. We strive to bring you the latest reports, but it is important to be updated daily in light of the many changes.

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