AGI – “I would change the parameters and give a greater weight to hospitalizations and vaccinations”. This is the proposal of the Undersecretary of Health, Pier Paolo Sileri, participating in the presentation event of the book “We put our face” by Giovanni Lamberti, referring to the possible new requirements to define the colors of the regions based on the evolution of the curve epidemic. “We have not yet – he added – a number of people vaccinated such as to say that hospitalizations will not increase. They will certainly increase “.

Furthermore, for Sileri “discos must be reopened with the obligation of a tampon because it is a filter for younger people who are the positives of today and who in this way are pulled out of the pool of potential virus donors “. Then he specified:” To go to the disco three times a week – he observed – it will take three tampons, it is therefore possible that young people are forced to get vaccinated “.

Among the many topics dealt with by the Deputy Minister there is also that of the administrative elections: “For the date of the elections I would choose the end of September, when we will have 80% of the vaccinated”.

Then a reference to the so-called ‘French model’ where “there is no quarantine for people who have the Green Pass after having done the double dose of vaccine. It seems to me an excellent incentive to vaccinate”.

“What the French are doing today is something I proposed months ago – he specifies – It means believing in the Green Pass after vaccination: if you tell a person that with the Green Pass he can go to a restaurant, a bar, a disco. ..I am convinced that he will choose to get vaccinated “.

The undersecretary adds: “It is true that the Green Pass can also be obtained with a swab done within 48 hours, but if you tie the Green Pass to access to various services – public transport, museums, restaurants – it is much more. a person is likely to choose vaccination rather than having multiple swabs each month. ” For Sileri “we must believe and make the most of the Green Pass, which should be promoted as an instrument for greater freedom, not just of circulation”.

Ciciliano’s warning

“We will find ourselves managing an increase in cases in September-October, transforming this Covid epidemic into an epidemic of the unvaccinated. More than three quarters of yesterday’s positives are from unvaccinated people. We then talk about the seriousness of the clinical situation: in the vaccinated the clinical manifestations are almost absent. The warning comes from CTS member Fabio Ciciliano.

“In September-October – he adds – we will have an increase in mortality in unvaccinated people over 65, who are those who do not want to be vaccinated”.

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