Nur Marisat, Whose body was transplanted into the lungs of Shilli Westland, the cadet who collapsed in BAD 1 and died a few weeks ago, was interviewed tonight (Tuesday) for the program of Aryeh Eldad and Ben Caspit On 103FM radio and told about the new life he received as a gift. Marisat noted that Kum therefore suffered for many years from breathing difficulties: “I suffer from the disease all my life, from birth. As I get older, the disease gets worse and worse and lately it has been very acute.”

A few weeks ago, Westland collapsed during an officers’ course at the 1st Battalion, as a result of a medical incident, and was evacuated to a hospital for treatment. She was later pronounced dead. Her family members decided to donate her organs after discovering she had an Eddie card. It was announced that after many years of being in the spirit of quite a bit of suffering, he gained new health: “It was an amazing moment. I signed up in April and waited, I did not expect that within three months they would call me and say there was a donor, “he said.

“The doctor said maybe it would suit me and that we would come now,” Marissat continued, “everything was fine, we did the transplant, everything was successful, the lungs were just fine and I am now breathing.” The happy transplant recipient added that he is still hospitalized and is expected to be released tomorrow: “I was told I would not need oxygen at home at all. Even the sturgeon has gone up, since I was small and a little healthier it has not reached those values.”

When asked what he thought about getting the IDF officer’s lungs and whether he was trying to learn about her, Marissat replied that he wanted to thank Shai Lee’s family members: “I want to thank them, thank you very much. Well done for the contribution. May their daughter be in heaven. “He also noted that his father signed an Eddie card 15 years ago.

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