The third day of the strike: Employees of the administration and the economy in government hospitals – general, psychiatric and geriatric – and in the health bureaus, will still not provide cleaning services, laundry, kitchen and more.

According to representatives of the striking workers: “The hospitals are collapsing under the mountains of rubbish, there is no food for the patients, the patients are exposed to infections, and there is no one to receive the patients who come to the hospital.”

Eli Badash, chairman of the National Committee of Administration and Economy Workers and Auxiliary Forces in Government Hospitals, added: “I apologize to the patients and medical staff for the mental anguish, but we have no choice. We fight for our working conditions and patients’ hospitalization conditions. The Ministries of Finance and Health should apologize to them as well, they have been abandoning us for many years. A thousand workers are missing from the system. ‘

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David warned yesterday that if no solution is found, the strike will be expanded. We will not allow the continued disregard for the exceptional workloads and the severe shortage of standards. “

Bar-David stressed: “If the professional echelon in the Ministry of Finance does not find a solution to the cry of transparent workers soon, other sectors in the public sector and the health system will also suspend their work as a sign of solidarity.”

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