After three days: The strike of farm workers and managers in government hospitals ended today (Thursday). This, after the meeting held by representatives of the Hospital Administration Committee with Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, during which the Minister of Health promised to negotiate with the Ministry of Finance, and thanks to the understandings reached between Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David and the Minister of Health.

Following a discussion between Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David, attended by Ariel Yaakovi, Chairman of the Histadrut, Chairman of the National Committee of Administrative and Economic Workers in Government Hospitals, Eli Badash, and Nissim Health Council Chairman Nissim Levy, Tonight the parties reached agreements that will allow an end to the strike of the director and employees of the government and the economy in the government hospitals, the employees of the Ministry of Health and the district health bureaus and the employees of the food service. Thus, all employees will return to full-time work.

In talks between the parties, it was agreed that at this stage, until the state budget is formulated, it will be ensured that the employment of workers who have been absorbed within the framework of the Corona standards will not be terminated. In addition, Health Minister Horowitz clarified that the issues at the heart of the crisis, as well as the additional standards required for the administration and the economy, will be given priority in budget discussions with the Treasury. Regarding wage increases, the chairman of the Histadrut will discuss the issue with the wage commissioner in the treasury, Kobi Bar-Natan, as part of the talks on the “package deal” in the economy.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz: “During the budget discussions, I will work to ensure adequate employment conditions for all employees of the administration and the economy. This issue has always been, and still is, a high priority for me. All employees of the health system are entitled to work under respectable conditions, and so it will be. I thank the chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, the chairman of the Histadrut, Ariel Yaakovi, the chairman of the workers’ and economy committee, Eli Badash, and all the workers. “

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David: “I thank the Minister of Health for working to resolve the crisis and understand the importance of the issue. The health care system we are so proud of cannot exist without the dedicated and important work of the manager and the economy. I pledge to continue to take care of this important population, which is a separate part of the health system and which must be treated with all due respect – both in standards and rights. “

Chairman of the State Workers’ Union Ariel Yaakovi: “The decision to cancel the cuts in standards is unparalleled, and I am proud to finally understand that these are not transparent people but workers who do sacred work for the benefit of the patients. People who must take care of decent working conditions for them. We will continue to make sure that these workers enjoy their full rights. “

Eli Badash, Chairman of the National Committee of Administration and Economics at Government Hospitals: “We still have a lot to do to improve industry standards, but with the state’s willingness and responsible approach – we can further improve the situation.”

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