AGI – The number of new coronavirus positives in Italy: 3,121, with an increase of 223 compared to the previous day. The total number of tampons in the last 24 hours was 244.7972 (up by just over 39 thousand compared to the day before), and the positivity index dropped by one decimal, to 1.3%.

The number of deaths in the last 24 hours is 13, bringing the total to 127,864 since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy. The very slight increase in the number of hospitalized in intensive care, are 162 against 161 the day before, but the number of daily admissions is decreasing, in fact they are 9 against 13 the day before. The hospitalizations in the ordinary wards are increasing, they are 1,111 against the 1,088 of the day before, then +23. This is what we read in the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

People currently positive in Italy are 43,491, those in home isolation 42,218 (41,465 the day before). The discharged people recovered from the beginning of the epidemic are 4,122,977, while the total number of people tested has so far equaled 30,262,747.

The Lazio, the region with the highest number of new cases, are 500 (the day before they were 443), followed by Lombardy with +438, then Sicily with +431, Veneto with +424, Campania with +238, Tuscany with +222.

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