The 13,000 administrative staff and auxiliary forces from the 13 hospitals have been on strike since yesterday, due to the manpower shortage that plagues the industry. Sharon Malka, who works as an assistant at Rambam Hospital, said today (Wednesday), in an interview with Anat Davidov on the program “Where is the money” on 103FM radio, about the reality in which she and her co-workers are: “We are hardworking people who work all days of the week, holidays and Saturdays The first to meet patients who come for treatment. “

According to Malka, the salary the administrative staff receive is meager in relation to the hard work they give: “Our salary is not rewarding, we are worn out and collapse. At the end of the shift, we are with our tongues out. I work like three employees. We are transparent, and I want them to listen to us.” . She added: “We have no standards, summaries of years on improving unimplemented conditions. We do not add standards but lower them.”

Later, a Rambam employee described what a routine work day in her environment looked like: “I work in a pediatric ward and serve as an assistant around a patient. We arrive in the morning, hand out food, if there is a nursing patient who needs to be fed we feed, how many times a day do we change diapers. “Malka stated:” We go out at the end of the shift with the tongue. ”

“We are the backyard of the system, the invisible, the transparent,” Malka continued, “I want them to see us, to listen to us.” She added that the medical staff expressed support for her and the other striking administrative staff: “Everyone here at the hospital supports us but we want them to see us too.”

When asked what her ward looked like today after one day of strike, Malka replied, describing it as “one big chaos.” She added that the department was full of piles of rubbish. “We are not happy with the patients we have reached in this situation, but there is no choice,” Malka said, stating: “Only then may they hear and see us.”

In conclusion, she said that despite the bad situation on the ground, she and her co-workers are determined to continue the strike until they get what they want: “I want to contact the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health – come to the hospital, see what happens here.” Malka stated: “We are the backbone of the system, without us this business would not work.”

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