Dr. , Helps empty another pint of urine.

In the video, Dr. Irwin demonstrated how right it is for women to urinate. She says, “Did you know that there is actually more than one way for us to urinate?” A third of the urine will still remain in the bladder if you urinate in such an upright position. “Immediately afterwards she leans forward, puts her hands on her knees and demonstrates how to urinate:” The right way to urinate is like a cowboy. “

The video shared with her 85,000 followers greatly surprised the viewers. One wrote: “Can’t believe I just learned how to empty my bladder” and another added: “Oh my God! I thought something was wrong with me because all this time I had to lean forward to empty my bladder. It turns out to be normal.”

Dr. Irwin’s method is medically backed up. “Double voiding is a practice of trying to completely empty the bladder by relaxing the colon, improving the pelvic position and taking the time necessary for full urination,” explains urologist Dr. Maria Prese Godoy, co-founder and head of the Department of Sexual Medicine at the Healthy Pleasure Group, “For women who urinate more frequently because they have adopted abnormal urination habits or due to high water intake and / or stimuli such as drinking coffee and tea – double emptying can be a potential solution” “.

She explains that frequent need for urination is more common among young women and is often the result of learned habits or increased fluid intake. In addition, she recommends reducing the consumption of irritants such as tea, coffee or carbonated beverages. Dr. Godoy added that “double emptying” is not a method everyone needs: “It is important to emphasize that if you already have good urination habits and no sense of urgency, you should not adopt any change when urinating.”

If you are still interested in learning how to do it right, here is the method:
1. Start sitting on the toilet and lean forward slightly, with your hands on your hips.
2. Take your time. No need to rush or create pressure on the abdomen.
3. After urinating, wait about 30 seconds and bend slightly again to be able to empty the bladder further.
3. It is important not to interfere with the flow of urine along its entire length.

So what is the correct frequency?
According to Dr. Godoy, urinating every 4-3 hours is considered normal, but you should talk to a doctor or specialist if you experience any of the following problems:
1. Any change in your normal emptying pattern.
2. If you feel the need to apply pressure to start or end urination.
3. If you need to vacate more than three times during the night.
4. If your urine flow is weak and prolonged.
5. If there is urgency or a burning sensation when urinating, or any appearance of blood in the urine.

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