“It’s time for the next phase”: The rise in morbidity in Corona raises public concerns about the continued imposition of a news restriction, following the opening of the economy under the green mark and its abolition shortly thereafter. Chairman of the State Employees’ Association Dr. Zeev Feldman Discussing the alarming rise in the data this morning (Tuesday) with Gadi Ness on Radio North 104.5FM, he said: “We need to step up in measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus.”

“There are things that have been happening for a year and a half and we do not understand them, we need to step up, it is not enough,” he added. “The next phase is the decision to activate a happy character, a green character and the required isolations for those returning through Ben Gurion Airport. The time between the decision and the execution must be shortened. “Decisions must be implemented more sharply and quickly,” he added.

“The direction of decision-making is right. It is easiest to close or close Ben Gurion Airport. It’s a sword we’ve already felt. “The fabric of life of the people of Israel has been severely damaged, so caution is good and life should be continued as normal as possible,” the senior doctor said. “There are still a million people who have not been vaccinated, and they are not only harming their families – they are harming us all.”

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“The virus is spreading more,” he continued. “In the end, the Israeli variant will be created, and we can prevent it. There are places in the world that can only be vaccinated for another year, and we have it on the shelf – and we do not implement it. The vaccine protects, only a third of the verified will get into a difficult situation.” On the injection of a third dose of corona vaccine, he said: “It is a privilege to talk to us about the third vaccine, when there are countries that have not yet been vaccinated with the first vaccine. Scientists are examining the data, we are at the forefront. Positive”.

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