AGI – “We have always been open to all genders, all ages, to dogs, unicorns and hobbits. From today No Vax, No Drink. We will ask you for the certification attesting the vaccination. (the first dose is fine too)“.

So writes the owner of the Prospero literary wine cellar in Palermo. I posted a sign in the shop window that prohibits entry with a raised hand that imposes a stop and the words “No vax”. And down insults and even threats against the owner Cinzia Orabona, who is not there.

“You have compared – he accuses – vaccinations to the Holocaust. You have given me the fascist and the racist. You showed the typical violence of keyboard lions. I don’t know a single person who swears and perjures never to return to Peospero again. I am working to pay off the debts accumulated during the lockdown and cannot afford new closures. I accept criticism but not insults. I accept civil discussions but not threats “.

By Editor

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