Yogev Malka’s Health Secrets
Good advice you would give yourself in adolescence
“Not eating a lot of pizzas. I would also stay in boxing for a year or two and invest my whole being in it. It was an area I really liked and unfortunately retired at an early age. Even though everything went well, I got to ninja and the rest is history.”

A particularly corrupt crave that you can not overcome
“If there was only one, believe me I was still fine. Junk food is one of the hardest things for me to completely cut. In the middle of the week I still manage to maintain a healthy diet, but when the weekend comes and family or friends want to go out, there my character is broken. Quite easily. When I go to a restaurant I tell myself I will order chicken breast, that I am strong in character. But when I come and look at the menu and see a stimulating hamburger, I break down easily. ”

The habit of secret grooming that leaves you young
“There’s face soap. I wish I would invest as much as I want in my face. My girlfriend drives me crazy to put creams but I can not. I hate all these creams, it’s a disgusting feeling. Sometimes before bed she puts creams on me and I can not sleep on my face, I get up to wash them and go back to sleep. ”

The meal you invest the most in a day
“Lunch is my biggest meal of the day and I enjoy it the most. Every Sunday my mom prepares a large amount of chicken breast, rice and vegetables in the oven and I arrange it for myself for meals for the next few days.”

Asking for a greeting from Grandma. Queen | Photo: Oded Karni

The little “craze” that only your close friends know
“Other than the slaps in the face? It drives me crazy to get in the middle of a speech. Whether I’m talking or explaining something to someone, it’s pretty annoying. But it also turns me on to see a person fighting, in ninja and any other sport. It just makes me crazy I’m motivated to train and push myself to the limit. ”

A superstition that there is no situation that you give up
“If I go in through a pillar I give someone a punch. I have a scratch with it. I do not believe in superstitions but wow, I can not let go of that. I do not know why it was caught for me, I swear to you. I do not believe in anything else, just plunder”.

Your trick for dealing with stressful situations
“The night before every track I am always terribly stressed. Something I have adopted for myself is to just write down in notes all the feelings I feel, all the pressures in the most honest and genuine way possible. It releases me. Before the track I had a thought in my head, I imagined myself falling into the water, in an interview With Rotem Sela wet and with a towel on my head and all upset.Only when I took it out on the writing, I realized where it was coming from. with yourself”.

The best advice you have adopted from the coach for your life
“My dad is the best psychologist. He’s a businessman who started his career from scratch, with no academic education, but with a lot of willpower and hard work. Seeing how all this work brought him to the person he is today – it’s just inspiring. It made me realize that work It pays off hard, and that’s one of the most important values ​​I learned from him. ”

Yogev Malka (Photo: Shai Bachar)
Write down his feelings on notes. Queen | Photo: Shai Bachar

3 small actions you do for yourself every day
“Because I spend a lot of time traveling for training I found myself passing the time just listening to songs. I recently started switching it to podcasts that interest me. It gives the ride some added value and doesn’t feel like time is wasted. That way I can be exposed to lots of knowledge and motivation and it really fills me. “Every Friday my dad and I do a round, visit grandma and aunts and go shopping for Friday. My dad calls it a good deeds round. I also kiss mezuzahs, it’s the habit from home.”

The most positive thing the corona brought with it was a smile
“I learned to train at home alone. Many times one of the things I had the hardest time was finding who to train with, I liked to train with people. When I had no one to train with, I would get pissed and it was easier for me to give up training. The corona forced us to be alone, so “I could not give up all the training. I got used to it and learned how to motivate myself when I was alone, it was hard. I would get up for training at six in the morning, the hardest hour there is, frozen to die and you do not want to open your eyes and wake up. It teaches you.”

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