There are actions in life that we do so much and are sure we are doing right- But the following article will make you think again about the technique of brushing your teeth-

According to the British “Sun”, it turns out that we make critical mistakes when we brush our teeth, but we are not aware of them- First, the grip of the brush is very important and most of us make a mistake in it when we hold the brush too tight in hopes of getting a better result- Make sure you hold the brush gently so as not to be too aggressive with the enamel that coats your teeth-

Now, you need to think again about the movement of your arm- If you brush your teeth as if you are rubbing to clean something – a sign that you are putting too much pressure- This can cause damage to the enamel layer of the teeth and also to receding gums- Also try to change the angle of the grip to make it sharper- If you can not avoid brushing too hard – it’s time to switch to a brush with an angled handle – which will ease the pressure on the teeth-

Brushing teeth (Photo: ingimage ASAP)
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Now, also check your toothbrush and make sure it is not too old- If her bristles look loose and worn – it’s time to replace a brush- The older the brush, the less effective the brushing action and it is dangerous for your teeth- According to experts, a toothbrush should be replaced every four months to ensure its effectiveness-

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