Hair transplants in Turkey have become a common phenomenon among Israeli men, but in the past year there has been a new trend, with hundreds of Israelis flying to the country to undergo dental implants. A major reason for this is that in Turkey the price of the medical procedure is significantly cheaper than in Israel, when in Israel only the cost of one implant ranges from NIS 5,000 to NIS 10,000 on average. At the same time, dentists in the country warn that this is a procedure without medical coverage in case of complication or medical malpractice, and the people who undergo it take a risk.

Adv. S. from the center of the country, in his sixties, went to a dentist who specializes in dental implants a few weeks ago. More than that, “says S.,” I realized that in Israel the price does not make sense, and even after a discount I will still have to pay NIS 100,000. A good friend of mine told me to look into the possibility of dental implants in Turkey. “

S. began to do in-depth tests and found that implanting 14 teeth in Turkey in one day would cost him $ 9,000 – about NIS 30,000, a saving of more than NIS 100,000 compared to Israel. Along the way, he also decided to undergo a $ 2,000 hair transplant and also travel to Istanbul.

“One day I had a 14-tooth implant at one of the best dentists in Turkey. Everything was sterile, professional, warm and excellent treatment. In this country it is robbery. Just like that. Why should I enslave myself for dental treatment? If the dentists in the country do not discount the “The prices will be without work. Everyone will fly to Turkey.”

Are you not afraid that the treatment will fail or get complicated?
“I examined in depth the clinic and the doctors who treated me. I trust them with my eyes closed. Even in Israel there are complications sometimes. I went through everything for the best. I feel great and happy that I did not agree to pay the amounts the dentists in the country wanted.”

The duration of the procedure depends on the type of treatment of course. In complex treatments, patients have temporary teeth installed for three days and three months later they undergo another permanent dental implant procedure. “There were seven people when they treated me, checked my blood pressure, the director of the clinic came in every few minutes to make sure I was okay,” adds Adv. S. “The treatment was amazing and the service was better than in Israel. “These are dentists at the highest level in Turkey.”

Young men and women also come to clinics in Turkey to do teeth straightening, whitening and crowns. “I came to do crowns and teeth sharpening. In three days I was treated with 22 teeth in an efficient and professional manner and the results are amazing. I had ten other Israelis with me who came for implants and dental treatments,” adds R., a 30-year-old resident of Petah Tikva.

Susie, 55, a resident of Jerusalem, underwent dental implants treatment in Turkey after the price they asked her for in Israel was about NIS 120,000. “Once Israelis went to Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary to do dental treatment, today Turkey is the hit. We built young girls and older women here who want to look beautiful and go with strong, white teeth and come to Turkey. You pay ridiculous prices compared to Israel, Thousands of shekels in my pocket. “

But there are those who cool the enthusiasm. The chairman of the Israel Dental Association, Dr. Lior Kafaf, claims that the decision to undergo a dental implant in Turkey is dangerous and complicated and there is no insurance certificate that it will succeed. According to him, there is no supervision of what is happening in clinics like in Israel, and it is difficult to know who is really a doctor and not an impostor. In his view, what goes cheap ends up costing dearly.

“Obviously in Turkey it is very cheap to have a dental implant. They do not pay taxes like in Israel. We pay 50 percent more tax than them. They do not employ in the clinics professional and skilled personnel who pay social security, social rights such as pension funds and more,” claims Dr. Kafaf “We have constant supervision by the Ministry of Health of the treatments, the medical staff, and there I’m not sure it exists at all. What happens if treatment of an Israeli patient becomes complicated? Do they have resuscitation equipment to treat him, to take him to a hospital? Who will pay for all these expenses? “People want to save health and may pay with their lives.”

How do you explain this trend that Israelis are flocking to do dental implants in Turkey?
“I think they are endangering themselves. In the end, if there are complications – no self-respecting dentist in the country will agree to treat them, take a risk and correct the failures of doctors from Turkey. Here in Israel every doctor has insurance coverage in case of negligence or omissions. In Turkey “There is nothing. Who will the Israelis sue for failed treatment in Turkey? I think people are taking a risk. The Israelis are thinking about the economic side but not about the consequences that will befall them in the future. There have been cases of Israelis returning from Turkey with dental injuries and they are sorry.”

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