` – “Today we recorded a boom in bookings ranging from +15 to + 200% based on the Regions” said the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, while the threshold of doses administered exceeded 64 million –

The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 29,198,814, 54.06% of the population over 12, but there are over 4.8 million (to be exact 4,829,491) Italians over 50 who have not yet not even made a dose.

According to Commissioner Figliuolo’s weekly report, they did not receive the first dose or single dose:

  • in the 50.59 age group, 2,469,692 (25.59%);
  • in the 60.69 range, 1,327,306 (17.57%);
  • in the 70.79 range, 713,124 (11.85%)
  • among the over 80s, 319,369 (7.01%).

69.63% of those between 60 and 69 years old were vaccinated with the double dose. While 17.57% are waiting for the second dose. 222,132 (15.17%) teachers and other school staff representatives have not yet received even the first dose or single dose of the vaccine. While 78.78% (1,153,573) of the school staff are immunized with the double dose.

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