The Ministry of Education presented today (Sunday) the work plan of the education system for the 2012.2002 school year, which will open in a little over a month, under the sign of the corona virus. Yifat Shasha Bitton and the director general of the office, Brigadier General Yigal Slovik, With the Ministry of Health, the school year will open as a series from kindergarten to twelfth grades.

At the beginning of the discussion, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke: “We are here to hear the plans of the Ministry of Education with the Ministry of Health – how we open a school year as a series. Our goal, as everyone knows, is not to hurt the economy, not to hurt education or life “.

“I will say that in order to achieve this, and I think that now it is screaming all over the world, it is clear that we need to vaccinate the Israeli public as much as possible. I see what is being done in the United States, France, England in matters of vaccination. Block the epidemic, so everyone should be encouraged. I want to hear experts, also the chairman of the local government center, also the ministers. We will hear things and make decisions, “Bennett added.

According to the work plan, the education staff, students and others who come to the gates of the educational institutions will be required to adhere to the rules of health and hygiene, and will be conducted subject to the morbidity rates and procedures required in the relevant places. In addition, the program will include the following details:

• Opening of all educational institutions for physical learning, regardless of the color of the authority.

• Isolation policy adapted to the education system.

• With the transition of the Orange Color Authority, school moves will be made to reduce contacts, and preventive and detection actions will be intensified, including: Education Shield and speed tests.

• The closure of an educational institution will be made only if there is a significant increase in morbidity in the educational institution, by a joint decision of the district director and the health bureau.

• The daycare frameworks will operate as usual.

Informal activities will take place under all conditions, but in the orange and red authorities, they will only take place in open areas.

• Shuttles will operate as usual.

Flexibility will also be given to educational institutions in order to reduce their contact according to the age stage. The school principal will be able to take steps to reduce contacts, at his discretion, including: moving to small study groups, separating the strata in the various areas of activity, integrating distance learning.

In addition, preliminary sampling and monitoring operations will apply in schools, in order to prevent an outbreak of morbidity in them, first in the red and orange cities. The program also states that the sampling will focus on elementary schools, especially in grades 5.6. Voluntary corona tests will also be performed (subject to parental approval).

To increase the scope of the isolation exemptions for students and education staff, a nationwide operation of serological tests will be carried out in August.September. The target audience will be all students and teaching staff who are not exempt from isolation. The Ministry of Education hopes that the tests will help detect students who carry antibodies to corona without detecting symptoms.

Education Minister Shasha Bitton welcomed the plan and said: “The return of students to school and kindergarten routines has a decisive impact on their personal and social resilience and personality shaping and therefore their place within educational institutions. We have a moral and educational duty to create certainty and stability for them for their personal and mental strength. “

The Director General of the Ministry of Education, Yigal Slovik, added: “The continuity of functioning of the education system is a top national goal in the days of routine. The number of vaccinated is growing, a figure that has the potential to strengthen the routine and continuity policy. ”

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