This morning, the EcoCaNN app was officially launched, operating as the first social network in Israel for medical cannabis patients. The unique app allows patients and their families to consult and seek the help of the best experts in Israel in the field of medical cannabis and receive individual answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Akokan is based on a free and secure digital platform. The information in the app is protected, anonymous and confidential, and is expected to provide a first.of.its.kind solution for those suffering from various chronic diseases.

EcoCaNN was established by the international pharmaceutical company MediCane, which is engaged in the research and development of medical cannabis.based drugs. Medicaine was founded in 2019 by Ziv Aviram, Adv. Hagai Greenspon and Yossi Ben Amram, a former executive at Teva and the global pharmaceutical company MSD, who also serves as the company’s CEO. Reliable and well.established that may improve and assist in the treatment of people consuming medical cannabis as well as, which may assist physicians and researchers in focusing their research and development efforts on the medical needs of the patient population.

In recent months, Akokan has recruited to its team of consultants leading experts in the field of medical cannabis treatment. Among the experts: Dr. Ayelet Madbari – pain doctor, Dr. Matan Sitterman – gastroenterologist, Dr. Gabi Weinstein – neurologist and other specialist doctors. The doctors answer users’ questions by referring to reliable sources of information, but do not constitute a medical opinion. The app allows consultation with a pharmacist, nurse and specialist physician in administrative matters.

This is a real change of reality. While the average waiting time for a specialist doctor stands at long months, top.notch specialist doctors working with Akukan are now accessible to cannabis patients around the clock. The app allows a unique experience for the patient – to share experiences, consult and receive information from patients in a similar situation and all anonymously. Registered users can manage a medical file in which they upload summonses and tests anonymously. In the future, information on clinical studies in the field of cannabis will also be available.

The Akokan application relies on the advanced technology platform of the Billong.Life company, which has established and manages with great success and worldwide distribution social and professional networks for managing diseases and communities. The Akokan app is expected to be launched in the coming months in English in selected countries and in other languages ​​in countries where medical cannabis use is allowed.

Ziv Aviram, co.founder and chairman of MEDICANE: “Akokan is a real line.up for many patients in Israel and around the world. It is designed to bridge knowledge gaps in the field of cannabis, and to equip patients with reliable and well.established information alongside the support of top professionals and other patients suffering from similar problems. In addition to supporting patients and their families, Akokan uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the vastly accumulated information anonymously and conduct various studies on topics of interest to physicians and especially patients themselves, in order to improve and assist in treatment and to intelligently direct research and drug.based research efforts. In order to better meet the medical needs of the patient population. “

Yossi Ben Amram, co.founder and CEO of MEDICANE: “When Ziv Aviram, Hagai Greenspon and I founded Medicaine, one of the first decisions we made was to launch an app for the benefit of medical cannabis users in Israel and around the world. Akokan is a place where patients can enter in complete anonymity, and receive answers and information to medical questions from leading medical professionals in their field, and share experiences, consult and receive information from patients like them. The community created in the app makes accessible the benefits of the wisdom of the masses, which include a listening ear and mutual help. During the Corona era we have seen a massive shift of patients to use digital technologies in healthcare as well, and so far we have received exciting and enthusiastic responses from app users. In early 2021, the English.language Akokan was launched in Canada and later this year will be launched in the United States and other English.speaking countries. Together with the experts of Bilong.Life, we are working on adding services to the users of the application, such as information about studies in the field that users who meet the admission criteria for those studies can join. ”

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