Returned from the reserves to give birth to her sister-in-law in Wolfson
Dr. Kinneret Riskin Gaz, a specialist in gynecology at the Wolfson Medical Center in Shura and an MD of a medical company in the reserves, left for the first time after several intensive weeks, except that she did not describe that she gave birth to her sister-in-law, Hadar Shalem, in her first birth.”Hadar and I have known each other for over 15 years, for me she is like my little sister,” says Dr. Riskin. “The initial plan was that Kinneret, my husband and mother would be with me in the delivery room, but the war played a role and I didn’t know what to expect,” adds Hadar. Kinneret She was drafted into the reserves when the fighting started, as was Hadar’s husband.

“As an MP of a medical company, our job is actually to treat the wounded who come out from the inside. We sit on the border and evacuate them, make sure to give them the initial treatment and stabilize their condition,” explains Dr. Kinneret Riskin Gaz, who serves in such a significant position at only 34 years old. “When I’m on duty in the reserves and there’s an emergency, I’m fully mobilized, I’m very total. Doctors have an advantage in this type of position because we know how to conduct ourselves in emergency situations. Of course, I knew that if I was active I wouldn’t be able to come and give birth to Hadar.”

But suddenly, despite the uncertainty, things seem to have worked out miraculously, when Hadar’s husband went to the afterparty on the occasion of his 30th birthday: “On the eve of the birthday, the contractions started. When I called Kinneret, I realized that she was also in the afterparty and immediately we arranged to all meet in the delivery room. There is no doubt I was very excited, I always knew I would end up giving birth in Wolfson because of Kinneret,” Hadar recalls.

As soon as he received the phone call from Hadar, Dr. Riskin rushed to the delivery room: “She really wanted me to be, and when the war started we were afraid that I wouldn’t be, but luckily it happened when I was in the after, of course I was very happy. Although initially there was no plan for me to be active in the birth, Einat the lovely midwife who was present at the birth said come give her birth and you will receive the birth. It was a very exciting and unforgettable moment for me.”

“My birth experience was just perfect. Knowing that Kinneret and my husband were by my side took all the pressure off me and I received amazing treatment from the entire team,” says Hadar, who successfully gave birth to her first daughter.

Prof. Eran Weiner, Director of the Women’s and Obstetrics Department at the Wolfson Medical Center: “Only in Israel can the reality be that an outstanding intern at a university hospital is at the same time the commander of a medical company at the rank of major and a fighter in battles in the south. The unimaginable contrast between combat and midwifery and the way in which both can be combined – exciting, powerful and unique to Israel. We are proud from the bottom of our hearts and salute Dr. Riskin for her fighting and leadership in the south and are happy at the same time that she got to participate in the birth of her sister-in-law. As mentioned – only in Israel!”

When Dr. Kinneret Riskin, who serves in such a senior and significant position in combat as MP, was asked what her message was to women, she immediately answered: “Women – believe in yourself, we are strong and powerful. I believe that every woman can fulfill herself and be in whatever position she wants, heaven And the border. I believe that the tremendous female contribution in the war was burned into the consciousness and there is no question about it at all, we are fighting for the home and together we will win.”

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