“Not bringing fuel and water into Gaza will cause an outbreak of diseases and epidemics”
The issue of water and fuel for Gaza: A group of public health professionals, including Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, head of the health policy program at the Taub Center, warn of diseases and epidemics, which they say could break out if Israel does not take care to get water and fuel into the Gaza Strip. Prof. Davidovich explains that “a situation in which the level of sanitation is low will cause intestinal diseases, respiratory diseases and disease outbreaks, which will affect the residents of the Gaza Strip, and eventually, with the continuation of the fighting – also the soldiers fighting in it.”According to him, in recent weeks there have been meetings with the World Health Organization, where health professionals warned of serious health dangers. “We are considering turning to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and the Defense Cabinet to request that fuel and water be brought into the Gaza Strip with an emphasis on the humanitarian zone that the IDF has defined,” says Prof. Davidovich. ourselves when we do not take into account the humanitarian side of those who are not involved in Gaza.”

He adds that water has, as mentioned, a decisive effect on hygiene in the area, and the lack of water leads to a situation where people cannot perform basic operations, and thus they may spread diseases. “Without water it is impossible to bathe, wash hands, use the toilet, which causes the transmission of diseases including intestinal diseases or respiratory diseases. This is especially so when it comes to overcrowded conditions like in Gaza. If we add to this the fact that we are at the beginning of winter, in the long run the morbidity may affect both the fighters and Anyone who is in Gaza. Right now, according to the army’s instructions, soldiers are supposed to receive a water supply and not use water from Gaza.”

“Hundreds of millions of liters of sewage are blown into the sea and also reach the shores of Israel”

Prof. Davidovich also mentions the matter of the lack of fuel. According to him, “The lack of fuel and the lack of electricity supply will lead to a lack of sewage treatment. The desalination machines also need fuel to operate. As a result of the situation, hundreds of millions of liters of sewage are blown into the sea and also reach the shores of Israel. Water tests show that the impurities are reaching the shores of the country. Now there is a collapse of the sewage in Gaza and the rains that are falling now are causing the situation to worsen”

Prof. Davidovich warns of another danger: “The lack of vaccinations is also dangerous and may cause outbreaks of polio or measles. These are diseases of regional and international significance. Therefore, I think the responsibility for aid rests with the international community.”

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