The director of the Rambam blood bank took down the Israeli flags; he was furious at the hospital
The director of the blood bank at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa took down the Israeli flags that were hanging in his department. The hospital administration reacted quickly, and not a few minutes passed from the moment the incident was reported, and the administration sent a team to hang the flags again.Employees at the hospital were stunned by the removal of the flags, which was done, according to the director of the blood bank Professor Eldad Dan, in order “not to hurt the feelings of non-Jewish patients”.

Rambam’s administration disavowed the move and summoned the professor for a clarification conversation.

Prof. Dan Eldad: “I did not tear down the flag of the State of Israel. It was not acceptable to me for an employee in the department to hang a two-meter-long flag in the department without informing me, as department head, or consulting about its location. I went over and took the flag down with great respect and made sure it was properly folded.”

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