Proven recipes for rapid weight loss: 5 drinks that induce a feeling of satiety
“Health drinks” are concentrated extracts containing natural ingredients that can help shed pounds from our weight. Their consumption may help increase metabolism and improve digestion, thus helping to reduce weight. These drinks contain nutrients that can help burn belly fat, according to a report published on the Times of India website.Experts explain that you should avoid consuming these drinks on an empty stomach or in large quantities, and that you should consult a doctor beforehand, especially if there are existing health problems. It is also important to follow a balanced diet and regular physical activity to achieve effective and lasting results when taking one of the following recipes:

Apple cider vinegar (Photo: Ingimage)

1. Apple cider vinegar drink

Mix a large spoonful of unfiltered apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of cinnamon in a small glass, and mix well before drinking quickly. It is known that apple cider vinegar increases metabolism and reduces appetite, while lemon is rich in vitamin C and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

2. Ginger and turmeric drink

This recipe can be prepared by mixing one piece of fresh chopped ginger with a fresh piece of turmeric root, juice of half a lemon, some black pepper and half a teaspoon of raw honey. After mixing, filter the mixture before drinking. Ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties that support digestion, which can help with weight loss, while the addition of black pepper improves the absorption of the active ingredient curcumin.

3. Green tea and pepper

Soak a green tea bag in hot water and leave until the water cools. After they have cooled, add some hot pepper and mix well. The drink can be consumed before or during meals. Green tea contains antioxidants that may help burn fat, while the hot pepper content improves metabolism and reduces appetite, leading to weight loss.

Green tea (Photo: Ing’Img’)

4. Aloe vera and lemon

You can take the gel out of fresh aloe vera leaves and squeeze one lemon and mix well until the mixture becomes smooth and uniform. Aloe vera contains compounds that support digestion and detoxification, which can help with weight loss. The lemon provides vitamin C and helps to clean the digestive system.

5. Moringa and wheat grass

Mix a small teaspoon of moringa powder and wheatgrass with a glass of water. Once the mixture is well mixed, strain it and drink it as a drink. Consuming moringa and wheatgrass leads to weight loss by removing toxins and increasing metabolism.

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