The Russian operational headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus infection reports on March 6, 2022 that 744 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 have died in the Russian Federation over the past day.

During the day, according to the headquarters, 79,863 people infected with coronavirus were identified. 149,060 have been declared recovered after being infected with the coronavirus.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia registered for the entire period, according to the headquarters, reached 16941656, 14567976 of those infected recovered, 356281 died.

There is a fifth wave of the epidemic against the backdrop of the spread of the Omicron strain.

Based on the data of the headquarters, then in terms of the number of people infected with the coronavirus, Russia is in sixth place in the world. More only in the US, India, Brazil, France and the UK.

According to the officially announced number of deaths from COVID-19, Russia is in fourth place in the world. More only in the US, Brazil and India.

From October 16 to December 23, 2021, the official reports of the Russian authorities reported more than 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 in one day. Since December 24, 2021, fewer than 1,000 deaths per day have been reported.

Experts express doubts about the correspondence of official data on Russia to the real epidemiological situation in this country. Judging by the reports of Rosstat on excess mortality, the death rate from coronavirus in the Russian Federation is several times higher than the reports of the operational headquarters say. The operational headquarters takes into account only those deaths from COVID-19 when the coronavirus became the main cause of death and this was quickly confirmed (as it is officially explained).

According to the portal, to date, 79 million people (54% of the population) have received their first vaccination against coronavirus in the Russian Federation, 72 million people (49% of the population) have been fully vaccinated. 12 million people have been revaccinated with the third vaccination.

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