She underwent hip replacement surgery and found that her legs were no longer symmetrical
A 50-year-old resident of the north of the country underwent surgery to replace her hip joint and was horrified to find that a gap of about three centimeters had been created between her legs. As a result she is currently suffering from lameness, difficulty walking and standing and she will have to undergo further re-surgery.About four years ago, A. fell on the sidewalk on the street next to her house when her beloved dog jumped on her. She was evacuated to Poria Hospital and after undergoing a series of photographs it was decided that she would undergo hip replacement surgery.

After the surgery she underwent a series of physiotherapy treatments and the therapists were amazed to find that there were differences in length between the two legs.

“The therapists told me that the operated leg is longer than the other. I went to the surgeon’s for a checkup and then I was horrified to find that there was a three centimeter difference between the two legs,” A. claimed. “I was not asked before the operation if I agreed to it.”

She said she arrived at Ziv Hospital after feeling severe back pain. An expert from the United States he consulted advised her to extend her other leg with further surgery. .

Through attorney Sami Abu Warda, A. filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and the Ministry of Health. A.’s claims were denied.

The parties recently reached a compromise according to which the hospital will compensate A. in the amount of NIS 190,000.

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