Rare polio infection in Israel: Is there a risk of the disease breaking out?

The chairman of the Association of Pediatricians, Prof. Tzachi Grossman, spoke this morning (Monday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM, a day after a case of a 4-year-old boy who was infected with polio was discovered, for the first time since 1989. Prof. Grossman tried to calm down and claimed he did not believe A re-emergence of the virus is expected, but claimed that “the very worrying thing is that polio is not actually treated.”

“This is a rare phenomenon that happened here. It happens because the virus that is vaccinated with is the same live attenuated virus that is given in drops, because the vaccine consists of both an injection component and drops, so the same virus given in drops can very rarely become violent and attack children who for some reason have not been vaccinated. “They have no protective layer and as soon as they encounter such a virus it is as if they have encountered a violent virus and there have never been vaccines,” the chairman of the Pediatricians Association explained.

He further explained that if the child had been vaccinated, his protection would probably have been complete, but because he was not protected, he contracted the virus: “This is what is happening now. The very worrying thing is that polio is not treated, it is not even corona. “Neurological damage has no other solution. The importance of the vaccine in polio is more important than other diseases that have treatments, but there is no treatment here.”

According to him, 93% of children in Israel are vaccinated against the polio virus. “In Israel we are in a good position with routine vaccines. Parents have confidence in routine vaccines. These are vaccines that are given first in the milk drop, there is a series of vaccines and there the response rate is over 90% and that is a good percentage. “There was a national vaccination campaign in which vaccines were also given. Polio is here and it is a disease that has not been eradicated.”

“What the Ministry of Health is doing now is an epidemiological investigation that aims to identify where this weakened virus came from and check contacts, family members. Also check the feces of the children themselves, because today the scientifically correct way is to check feces. The virus goes around there and I guess fecal samples of all “The next contacts will be checked. We can find the virus and sequence it genetically and see if it is identical to the child’s virus,” Prof. Grossman continued.

The chairman of the Pediatricians Association tried to reassure the public and said that “the chance of an outbreak is not high for the same reason that we assume the majority of the population is vaccinated against polio. I do not estimate that an eruption will result from this. The extent of immunizations is greater than in Corona, especially in children. The vaccine gives full coverage to existing strains, today the attenuated vaccine is on two instead of three and in very rare cases is infected. ”

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