Following the polio case that was discovered: Is the virus spreading in the country?
The Ministry of Health announced last night (Sunday) a case of infection with the polio virus that was discovered in a 4-year-old toddler from Jerusalem. The virus, which was discovered in a sewage sample in the area, is the first case discovered in the country since 1989 and it puts the health system on alert for fear of further cases. From the details known so far,In recent days, there have been reports of widespread outbreaks of polio in Europe, following the war in Ukraine and the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the country en masse. In recent months, 2 severe cases of paralyzed children in Ukraine infected with the virus have been identified. Could it be that the current case in the country is affected by the outbreak that is taking place there?

“The case in Israel is not related to an outbreak in Ukraine,” says Prof. Galia Grisero, an expert in pediatrics and infectious diseases and director of the unit for infectious diseases in children at Dana-Duak Children’s Hospital. An attenuated virus of the vaccine itself that mutated and attacked an unvaccinated girl. These are two different things. ”

How does that happen?
“Children currently receive 2 types of polio vaccines, one of which includes the killed virus and the other includes the attenuated strain given in drops. Between 2005 and 2013 they stopped giving the children the drops (attenuated strain) and then returned them due to an outbreak of polio in Egypt, which led to several cases Of the virus found in the feces of children in the southern region.These are vaccinated children who secreted the virus and were able to infect unvaccinated children.

“We are at risk because we are surrounded by countries in Africa where the virus is present and therefore the droplets have been returned despite the (low) risk that the attenuated live virus found in the droplets will mutate and become a violent virus which has just happened.”

Does the case that was discovered indicate a broader trend of the virus spreading?
“As mentioned, in this case the child is infected with the attenuated virus that has undergone changes and becomes violent, which means that this virus probably exists in the country. If he is infected, it means it is not just him and there are other people who have not been vaccinated and are at risk. People should be aware of this. And it’s important to get vaccinated as soon as possible. ”

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