Learn the difference between lower and upper back pain

Back pain is one of the most common pains that affect many people, whether they are old or young, and that forces anyone to miss work or stop practicing various life activities because it is sometimes exhausting and makes you feel uncomfortable.

It can also be caused by injuries, activities, or even medical reasons, according to a report by “Medical News Today”, which indicated that it can infect anyone, regardless of their age.

And the chances of developing lower back pain with age can increase for several reasons, including problems with the vertebrae and ligaments in the spine, in a way that affects the spinal cord and the rest of the body organs associated with that area.

As for the upper back pain, it can be the result of infections in the spine, problems in the aorta, or the presence of tumors in the chest area.

In addition, it includes the back area in general, a variety of ligaments, muscles, vertebrae and cartilage that work with the bones to enable the person to perform his life tasks, but any of them is exposed to a defect that can lead to the emergence of pain in that area to varying degrees.

And not only that, but stress and tension are among the most prominent factors that cause recurrent back pain, in addition to other factors such as muscle and vertebrae problems that can result from a sudden incorrect movement or exposure to an overload or even lifting a normal load in the wrong way.

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