Former Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Itamar Grotto, Was interviewed this morning (Thursday) on the program of Ben Caspit Winon Magal on 103FM radio and expressed his opinion on the words of Education Minister Yifat Shasha.Bitton, who said last night that introducing vaccines into schools is a “crime”: “With her not having to be vaccinated in schools, but I think the choice of words is not appropriate,” Grotto stated. “Logistically it will not work, we have time in the summer to complete the vaccinations by September,” he added. He went on to say that in his estimation the government will soon approve the administration of the third vaccine to the elderly population.

Professor Grotto expanded and explained that the school immune system is not prepared for the administration of the corona vaccine, as it is a new thing: “The system is built to give routine vaccines, given for a whole year and it does not matter if at the beginning or end of the year. Grotto stated that in order to meet the target, it would be necessary to “organize a special organization.“

Grotto explained that his opposition to vaccinations inside schools stems solely from logistical considerations: “I think at the end of the day it is more convenient to do it outside schools. I was in such a discussion while we were on polio vaccines, there was a lot of pressure from political parties to vaccinate in schools.” He added: “I do not think we have a system that can be organized in 35 days and even more.” The deputy director general of the Ministry of Health emphasized: “I trust the vaccines one million percent.“

Subsequently, he was asked about the Ministry of Health’s expert decision made last night, to recommend to the government to approve the administration of a third vaccine dose, even though the FDA has not yet given approval for it. Professor Grotto replied that he does not see a problem: “There is a difference between approving a vaccine in principle and the method of waiting over the years. Even when I managed the vaccination program of the State of Israel, we sometimes made decisions to give vaccines in a different method than the FDA or other bodies. “In the show, I do not think it’s such a drama.”

In conclusion, he said that in his opinion, the State of Israel will begin a third vaccine for adults as early as next week: “It seems to me that this will happen towards next week, especially if you go to age 70 plus, which is a smaller group.” Grotto stated: “At the moment in yesterday’s discussion there was a dispute over age and I assume that the Ministry of Health will have to decide the question because there is no absolute scientific answer to this it is more risk management.“

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