The Prime Minister’s decision Naftali Bennett Launching a vaccination campaign for people aged 60 and over with a booster dose provoked quite a few reactions, this is because the decision was made without FDA approval and because Israel will be the first country to do so- Meanwhile, the president Yitzhak (Buzi) Herzog And his wife were vaccinated this morning (Friday) and Professor Galia Rahav, a member of the Ministry of Health’s Vaccination Committee and the Cabinet of Experts who expressed support for the vaccine, explained her position in an interview with Judy Shalom Nir Mozes on 103FM radio-

“We are really seeing an increase in morbidity among people over the age of 60, and it is related to a decrease in immunity- The side effects are really minimal- I have already vaccinated more than 700 people with the third vaccine suppressed mostly, and we really had no side effects,” Professor Rahav explained- : “During a pandemic, there is such an increase in morbidity, one has to make quick decisions- Otherwise it is ‘two lights’-“

The Ministry of Health’s expert cabinet member said the decision was not straightforward and was made after much thought: “Two weeks ago I said ‘I want to run research to see and then decide’, but I think there is really no choice because really morbidity among older people is rising exponentially-” She added: “It is a matter of risk management, the rise of the seriously ill is rising alarmingly- It is not a reckless decision, we sat for hours in committees and received all the information-“

Galia Rahav (Photo: Yossi Aloni, Flash 90)

Rahav stated that the public who refuses to be vaccinated should be provided with information about the disease and the vaccine: “One should sit down with all those who are afraid and hesitant and give them information- I think knowledge is the thing that helps prevent fear and doubts and hesitations-” The youth vaccine said: “It needs to be put into schools and then it will go much smoother-“

“The attack on Elrai Price is not normal”
Later, Professor Rahav referred to the attack by senior members of the Corona Cabinet on the head of public health services, Dr- Sharon Elrai Price, And said: “Any violent attack is not really acceptable to me- Not proper- It does a sacred work, its role is to protect the health of the State of Israel, and that is what it does fiercely-” Rahav said that Elrai Price “took it hard, it’s not easy-” She added: “We hug her very much, but yes, we take these things hard- It does not go in from one balance and out of the other-“

As to the objection of the Minister of Education Yifat Shasha Bitton (New hope) To provide the corona vaccine to children and adolescents in the context of education, which she defined as a ‘crime’, said Professor Rahav: “Schools should definitely be vaccinated, as all vaccines are done in the State of Israel- “His parents- Logistically, it’s much simpler to get vaccinated at school- I’m very much in favor of getting vaccinated at school-“

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