Aerobics or strength training? Yoga or Pilates? And should women stay away from heavy weights? Here are some important facts to know and one clear insight: Love yourself in every weight, and in every body. Now let’s start

The female body is beautiful. point. Exclamation mark. This is the miracle of creation and we need to learn to love it at any given moment even if we have gained some weight, even and especially when we are pregnant, postpartum or at those times in life when we have decided to abstain from sports and proper nutrition for whatever reason.

And yet, when women are asked why they exercise, in the vast majority of cases – the first answer will be that they are interested in achieving a more shapely body. Can training really change our bodies? What training will do that? What training is preferred for women and which training should be avoided?

  1. Can Exercise Change Our Body?

    By and large not. But pay attention to the fine print: every woman is born with her own unique structure. Some women have a more pear-shaped body, others with more apples, some have a straight or guitar-shaped body, and so on. We can not change our unique structure and that is good, but we can look more sculpted with the help of fitness training, which will make the body look tighter, narrower for example and more muscular.

  2. The training that women are afraid of

    If about a decade ago we saw mostly men in the gyms, today we see more and more women starring in the area of ​​the weights and not afraid to lift heavy weights. In the past women were afraid to lift heavy weights for fear of bloating and looking awkward but today there is more awareness that heavy weight is a healthy dwarf weight for women, significantly strengthens the body, sculpts, improves metabolic rate and contributes to the weight loss process. If you’re still scared of weights, it’s time to stop. In order for a woman to swell a lot from weights, she mainly needs to eat lots of protein and take supplements.

  3. Aerobics or strength?

    Both aerobic activity (such as running / walking / spinning, etc.) and strength training (resistance training and weights) are activities that are healthy for the body and important for the body. In both cases, these activities will make the body stronger and more toned, but each has strength on a different front: Strength training for example will give the body a more shapely appearance as long as body fat percentage is low while aerobic training will help burn more fat during training. In fact burns more fat especially at rest because they increase the metabolism. So-called: Win Win.

  4. Pilates or Yoga?

    Both Pilates and yoga work primarily on core muscles, strengthening, extension and flexibility. Those who do Pilates and yoga for a long time will feel that their deep muscles are strengthened, the body looks more upright and the muscles are sculpted but longer than those who do weight training, whose muscles look more prominent.

  5. The training that does not work

    Many women train to see toning results and when they do not see this happening, they blame the training that is ineffective and does not work when the secret is perseverance and consistency. Persist in training, take care of variety in training, train at high intensity and train enough times a week (once a week you will not see results). Equally important: Try to enjoy your way. With pleasure, discipline, perseverance and consistency – the results will not be long in coming.

  6. Want dice? Do not forget about nutrition

    If you really want a sculpted and muscular body, plus cubes in the abdomen and the whole perfect package like on Instagram – remember that in addition to training – it is necessary to combine proper nutrition. The combination of a non-industrialized menu that is customized and includes all the staples and strength training, aerobics and core core training is the secret to success.


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