Re. verification did not confirm cases of infection of Israelis with a new strain of coronavirus

The news service of the Kan media corporation reported on the evening of March 15 that the laboratory of the Ministry of Health had re-sequenced the genome (ritsuf geneti) of the virus detected in people who had arrived from Europe. A second check did not confirm the presence of a new strain, “deltacron”.

The news service reports that currently, specialists from the Ministry of Health are studying the results to understand what kind of strain in question.

Thus, the information that a new strain of coronavirus has been detected in Israel has not been confirmed.

It should be noted that on the evening of March 14, the Kan-11 TV channel reported that the first cases of infection with a new mutation of the coronavirus, which is a hybrid of the Omicron and Delta strains, were detected in Israel. The message of the TV channel emphasized that at the moment we are talking about isolated cases. The new strain was identified by sequencing the genome (ritsuf geneti) of the virus in people who arrived from Europe.

The TV report on the new strain said that at the moment the Ministry of Health is trying to understand how the “deltacron” differs from its “parents”. While preliminary estimates, it is not more dangerous than previous mutations, since it contains components of two strains against which the vaccine is effective.

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