Oshrat Kotler v. Ministry of Health: “Their data should be questioned”

“I regret getting vaccinated”: Former News 13 journalist, Happiness Kotler, Spoke this morning with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on their program on 103FM, and gave her opinion on the corona vaccines, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and reports from the Ministry of Health-

When asked if she had seen Bennett’s vaccine refusal speech, Kotler replied that she did not watch the news releases: “I saw it later, I was horrified- So far this thing has terrified me- “There is a very big disagreement among scientists also about vaccines and the method by which coronary heart disease should be managed or dealt with-”

PM Naftali Bennett (Photo: Eitan Elhadz / TPS)

When he was rushed and Davidov reminded her that she too had been vaccinated against the virus, even though she was undecided, Kotler replied that “it cost her health,” adding: “Then it was awful- I went to a cardiologist- I thought I was having an anxiety attack, but no- It was unbearable- Stress Very high blood, twice my normal-It happens even after the first dose, but the phenomenon was horrible because the heartbeats were in the ears, in the body, everywhere-I went for tests, arrhythmias, changes in the thyroid gland-There is an underreporting-It can not be said that it happens on the way A rule for boys and girls, because there is a problem here- ”

When asked what the doctor said, she replied: “Told me what to take, vitamins- I came out of it, not yet from the thyroid but my private case is less important- I did not come out half a year ago it happened, I could go out then with my story- My private case is not the matter “I can assume that a minority of people among a billion vaccinators around the world, if we can believe the data, a million in Israel is a minority then it lacks rights?”-

When asked if the goal is to create more transparency on the issue and whether her feeling has a concealment on the issue, she replied: “Certainly, everyone- We all need to- This is not a feeling, you know like me that there are no protocols-”

Kotler continued to attack the vaccines, and in response to “Is she sorry she went to get vaccinated,” she replied, “Yes, I’m sorry- But it’s me, I do not tell anyone what to do and do not tag a million people- The biggest crime I call God Attila Schumpelby’s Polo App, Terrorists? Are they terrorists? People who are more afraid of the vaccine than are afraid of Corona, have they already been upgraded and are they terrorists? They harm other people? I do not support any kind of violence, “In your health, are you crazy? There are doctors, a lot of doctors, 40,000 around the world who say that people who have not been vaccinated do not endanger anyone else- It’s like a flu vaccine, okay? It’s very similar- The technique is different but it’s the same-”

“All the information right now, all the data, is routed by people who have a connection to the pharma companies,” she added- “It’s like telling a cat that keeps the cream, how can I believe the reports and studies of the pharma companies that are funded by them that make billions out of it? So I really do not know-” The submitters presented her with the Ministry of Health data that 80 percent of the vaccinated did not infect anyone, and she said: “I stopped believing the Ministry of Health the third or fourth time I received incorrect data from them- I recommend all health reporters to question the Ministry of Health publications-” –

The deaths from the wards, especially in the first waves and those people who were not vaccinated, do not convince you?
“The presentation of this story by the media will still really teach in the history of the days of media and world politics- If we had shown for 30 years those 2,500 people who die every year from the flu and count every infected person, no one would have left home-”

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