the climb In morbidity: About 2,000 verified cases of corona are detected almost daily, and fears of an outbreak leading to the collapse of the health care system continue to make headlines. On this subject, a genetics expert and former chief scientist of the Mae Heritage Company, Prof. Yaniv Erlich, Spoke this morning (Sunday) with Ben Caspit and Winon Magal on 103FM: “The situation is that the Delta virus is an upgraded and more dangerous corona disease, about twice as likely to reach intensive care units in a difficult situation among unvaccinated people, according to studies.“

“We see from a Pfizer study, a decrease in immune protection after about half a year,” he said of the effectiveness of vaccines. “We talked at first about 95 percent, that’s what you see in the first two months, and after half a year a drop towards 75 percent., the most sensitive population to Corona, want to give them new protection. “It shows that those who were infected with Sheba who were vaccinated were people whose antibody levels were below average.“

“What’s happening in the Delta is probably so violent that there is not enough time for memory to wake up and give you the protection. I’m talking about the immune system. It’s like an army, part of the time you are on the line and part of the time in camps ready for action,” he added. “After the time of vaccination the immune system is ready for battle, the delta because it is more violent until you give the instruction it is too long probably, and therefore do not get the same protection as we got in previous strains. Therefore it suggests that if given this ‘boost’, the antibodies will be “At a higher level, 5 times the second vaccine and hope that they will last longer and that the ‘soldiers’ will be on the line. We see an increase in it in a very dramatic way.“

“Did experiments on a third dose, in small experiments did not see any new side effects,” he added. “Given that Delta is a very contagious strain, more violent. I tell my mom take this thing.“

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