Heads of internal medicine departments, in hospitals around the country, published a letter this morning (Monday) in which they claimed that The departments are on track to break all.time occupancy records this summer. The principals further claim that the state budget for 2021 and 2022 “does not address and does not reflect the state of the departments.“

Professor Alon Hershko, director of the internal medicine department at Hadassah Hospital, said: “I am absolutely convinced that the extreme hospitalization burden in the history of the country is the result of the corona epidemic. For a year and a half, chronic and oncological diseases were neglected. Many seniors have deteriorated functionally and mentally– “This is a phenomenon that is not reflected in the data presented to the government and the media.“

Another director joined them, saying: “Let’s see how, whoever budgets, knows how to lay 47 patients on 38 beds. Beyond being a violation of the hospital license and in fact a violation of state regulations and laws, it is logistically disruptive. “Doctors, there are not enough nurses and not enough auxiliary power, so in general these are flick.back exercises back and forth. We deserve 111 gold medals for virtuosity on a daily basis in the internal medicine departments, but never resilience.“

According to the department heads, as of this morning they are in the hospital Barzilai, In four different wards, between 44 and 60 patients, in wards where there are only 38 beds. in the hospital splendor, There are 45 patients in the ward with 32 hospital beds, in the hospital Wolfson 46 patients on 38 hospital beds, Assaf the doctor 44 patients on 38 beds And in Soroka 42 patients when there are three more rooms for Corona insulators, and in the corridors there are six more patients, while in the ward there are only 38 beds.

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