A new record was broken yesterday when 3,818 verified cases for Corona were diagnosed during the last day, the Ministry of Health announced this morning (Tuesday). This is the highest figure since the outbreak of the current wave of illness. The number of active patients across the country has risen to 22,345, of whom 217 are in critical condition. As of this morning, four more serious patients have been added and the total number stands at 221.

During yesterday, 101,766 corona tests were performed, 3.78% of which returned positive. In addition, five people died during the same day, when 6,492 people died in Israel from the outbreak of the plague. The coefficient of adhesion remains stable at this stage and stands at 1.37. About 40% of corona patients are under the age of 19. To date, 5,381,178 people have been vaccinated in a second dose.

On the traffic light map, about 150 localities out of 280 are still defined as green. The number of red localities increased to 16 and 43 localities are defined as orange. 70 localities are defined as yellow.

Meanwhile, the Corona Cabinet is expected to convene later in the day to discuss a number of restrictions, including a proposal that returnees from most countries of the world will be charged with seven-day isolation. This will reduce the number of countries that will be banned from flying to. Also consider returning the green character in its full format along with the obligation to wear an open-space mask in a gathering of over 20 people.

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