The trick that helps speed up the exits
Dr. Kelly Peterson’s ticketing page is full of tips and tricks for dealing with everything related to constipation and regular ejaculations such as colon massage to relieve constipation and more. Recently Dr. Peterson shared a light-hearted method that she says helps her speed up her ejaculations. “No, seriously, it’s so easy: drink hot water every morning and night.” She writes in the video. She says it will help her speed up her exits, once to three times a day. “It irritates my gut and makes my stomach feel great,” she added in comments. And no, this morning’s boiling cup of coffee does not really matter – she says she drinks a glass of warm water before she drinks her coffee.Dr. Kelly Peterson maintains an active ticking column with hundreds of thousands of followers. She is also a physiotherapist and in the past she shared that in 2010 she began to suffer from persistent abdominal pain, burning and bloating as well as weight loss, diarrhea, constipation and fatigue. Tips and tricks from the world of physiotherapy and in general, for relieving the symptoms.

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The connection between hot water and the digestive system does not begin in the ticking network. According to thousands of years of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the temperature of everything we eat or drink can play a role in digestion – not just water. “Cold fluid actually slows down the entire digestive system by constricting blood flow to the stomach and intestines and slowing down enzyme secretion, which in turn can lead to lymphatic stasis and slower metabolism,” says Martha Sofer, an herbalist and founder of Surya Spa to adapt Ayurvedic medicine to modern life. “However, room temperature and warm water have the opposite effect, helping to increase blood flow to your digestive tract, and triggering your ‘agni’, or your digestive fire.”

Research shows there is some evidence that warm skies can help promote bowel motility. Here is a small study that followed the bowel movements of 60 patients who had recently undergone abdominal surgery. Another study compared the effects on the digestive system from consuming food at varying temperatures in 50 patients with functional dyspepsia (a condition that causes slower-than-normal movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine) and found a similar benefit to accelerating activity as a result of consuming hot versus cold items. According to the researchers, hot meals “significantly accelerated gastric emptying”.

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