` – Eight hundred and eighty.six checks, with 258 situations of irregularities detected, equal to 29% of the objectives inspected– It is the balance sheet of the verification campaign realized with the start of the summer tourist season by the Carabinieri dei Nas in agreement with the Ministry of Health.

Bathhouses in the sights and related restaurants, bars and other services for vacationers located in the coastal areas of the sea and lakes.

The activities, conducted throughout Italy, concerned, in particular, the implementation of the containment measures to spread from Covid.19: correct spacing of umbrellas, use of personal protective equipment and face masks, presence of dispensers for the disinfection of the hands of systems for detecting body temperature and information for customers.

Twenty.one measures of closure and suspension, adopted due to serious health and hygiene deficiencies found in the areas used for catering, meal preparation and food storage; 17 people reported to the judicial authorities and 217 to the administrative authorities; seized over 1.3 tons of food products and raw materials intended for the preparation of meals, mainly attributable to fish.based products, for a total value of approximately 77 thousand euros.

The 351 contested overall violations, for an amount of sanctions equal to 202 thousand euros concerned numerous episodes of non.compliance with the legislation for the prevention of epidemic spread, such as the absence of information signs for patrons and the lack of periodic cleaning and sanitization.

In many cases, foods have been discovered, ready for serving to customers, in a bad state of conservation, expired, without any useful indication to establish their origins and traceability or subjected to arbitrary freezing procedures, without following the correct procedures established by self.control plans.

Other violations affected hygienic and structural deficiencies of the environments and premises used for the preparation and administration of meals, often remedied in confined spaces, lacking the minimum requirements to ensure optimal operating conditions, dirty and not subjected to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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